Heating and sanitary

Central heating and running water are indispensable in our daily lives. They contribute significantly to our sense of comfort and there are virtually no houses without it. However, in houses that don't have very good insulation, costs of central heating can escalate.

In terms of saving energy, it's important to take measures to limit heat loss. Regardless of whether heating is generated by fossil fuels or solar energy, it can raise costs considerably on an annual basis.

The most effective savings can be achieved using the CV system. Insulating the complete system is a simple and effective way to achieve these savings. This is especially true when it comes to pipes in the basement or crawl space. Choose Aeroflex insulation material with good thermal properties, excellent thermal conductivity and a high water vapour diffusion resistance.

Valves, flanges and pipe suspensions cause high levels of thermal loss if they are not properly insulated. These components should always be taken into account when insulating the system. Applying Aeroflex material, closed-cell elastomer insulation, reduces thermal bridges and contributes to a properly functioning central heating system. Investing in closed-cell insulation usually pays for itself in no time.