Overview materials

In addition to the specific properties the various Aeroflex insulation materials offer, the choice of which Aeroflex insulation material to use is often determined by the object to which it needs to be applied. The insulation material is available as a hose with a fixed length of 2 metres, hose reel, sheet or sheet reel, regardless of whether or not it's self-sealing.


Aeroflex® hose

AEROFLEX ® hose - is supplied at a fixed length of 2 metres. You can choose from a closed hose, as well as an open hose, with self-sealing tape... Click for more information

Aeroflex® hose reel

AEROFLEX® hose reel is often used to insulate a long-length pipe or a one-piece pipe, which means no adhesive connections need to be made. In a... Click for more information

Aeroflex® sheets/sheet reel

AEROFLEX ® sheets and a sheet reel are used if, for example, the pipe diameter is larger than the standard available dimensions and for insulating... Click for more information

In addition to the many options in terms of diameter and insulation thickness, which are part of our stock program, special customer requests are also available. Aeroflex is the only manufacturer capable of producing insulation material in large ranges of insulation thickness. An insulation thickness of, for example, 75 mm, is a standard product for Aeroflex. Even thicker insulation is also possible. These extreme insulation thickness variants are also applied in situations where surfaces or pipes must be insulated at extremely low temperatures. Ask our advisers about the options for your special request.