How it's applied

Cooling and air conditioning

The pipes are below room temperature in a cooling and air-conditioning system. This temperature difference results in condensation on the outside o... Click for more information

Heating and sanitary

Central heating and running water are indispensable in our daily lives. They contribute significantly to our sense of comfort and there are virtual... Click for more information

Building technology

Major consumers in the field of energy are of course office buildings and utility buildings, such as hospitals, schools, etc. Using heating and coo... Click for more information

Solar energy

In Europe, solar energy installations have become indispensable when it comes to generating alternative and sustainable energy. Insulating the pipe... Click for more information

Industrial use

The requirements for technical insulation for industrial use are particularly strict and diverse. Damage to the pipework of industrial installation... Click for more information


Modern cruise ships and container ships are equipped with the most advanced technical systems. This also applies to FPSO vessels (Floating Producti... Click for more information

Noise pollution

Many residents or users of office spaces, for example, are bothered by noise pollution caused by running water through pipes or washing machines an... Click for more information

OEM applications

Aeroflex offers a wide range of solutions and components for insulating products and pipes in the OEM range. Aeroflex insulation materials offer op... Click for more information

Aeroflex® insulation material is manufactured using EPDM. The Aeroflex insulation material has a closed cell structure and a high water vapour diffusion resistance. Excellent properties that offer a high degree of certainty when it comes to, for example, preventing condensation in combination with high thermal insulation.

The Aeroflex insulation material is extremely durable, extremely flexible and it is highly weather-resistant. In addition, the material is UV and ozone resistant. Due to the excellent properties the material offers, Aeroflex insulation material can be used for many purposes and, in addition to efficient insulation, the material offers safe and reliable protection.