Building technology

Major consumers in the field of energy are of course office buildings and utility buildings, such as hospitals, schools, etc. Using heating and cooling installations, these large buildings are kept at the desired temperature throughout the year. This is usually done through a boiler and cooling installation that is set up in a central technical room with a pipeline network that is connected to the office spaces, hospital rooms or classrooms.

Due to the lengthy pipe distances between the heating installation or cooling installation and the office space or classroom, cumulative energy loss escalates quickly. A lot of energy can be saved by insulating these pipes. In addition, it maximises the use of the heating installation. Aeroflex insulation material with good thermal properties, an excellent heat conduction coefficient and high water vapour diffusion resistance provides an excellent solution in this scenario.

Valves, flanges and pipe suspensions cause high thermal loss if they are not well insulated. These components must always be taken into account when insulating the system. In addition to an excellent insulation material, Aeroflex also supplies pipe supports and bends and T-pieces to make it easy to insulate complex installations.