Solar energy

In Europe, solar energy installations have become indispensable when it comes to generating alternative and sustainable energy. Insulating the pipes and components in these solar energy installations protects against energy loss in an effective way and ensures that the systems function even more efficiently and deliver higher returns. It's necessary to use high-quality insulating material for this application because a part of these pipes are mounted outdoors in the open air. This means they are exposed to all sorts of weather conditions throughout the year.

Aeroflex insulation materials not only offer an excellent heat conduction coefficient and high water vapour diffusion resistance, but are also UV and ozone resistant. The Aeropro material from Aeroflex can be an excellent solution, as this material has a strong, weather-resistant polyester casing. This protects the insulation material against birds and rodents, that use the insulation material as nests.

The use of Aeroflex insulation material in solar energy installations ensures optimum energy efficiency.