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AEROFLEX ® AEROPRO - this high-quality insulation material with a strong, weather-resistant, polyester coating is highly resistant to ozone and UV radiation. Suitable for use in which materials that are handled in a rough wat and where damage can occur. The casing also offers protection against rodents and birds. Ideal for outdoor!


Insulating material

  • made of light, flexible material based on EPDM with closed cell structure
  • PVC and FCKW free (in accordance with regulations)
  • fire safety: Euro class E in accordance with DIN EN 13501-1
  • no embrittlement of copper and steel pipes, in accordance with DIN 1988 part 7
  • dimensions according to DIN EN 14304
  • exceptional insulation value: λ 0°C = 0.036 W/mK
  • long term temperature resistance -50°C * to +150°C (collector's standstill temperature)

* Aeroflex remains flexible up to -50°C and can even be used up to -200°C


Surface protection

  • polyester sheathing
  • UV resistance
  • weather resistant
  • resistant to rodents and birdlife
  • durable



AEROFLEX® AEROPRO is suitable for use in refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation systems, as well as heating and sanitary purposes. The polyester casing protects the insulation material against external influences. This makes it particularly suitable for outdoor use.

AEROFLEX® AEROPRO - hose fixed length

Pipe diameters 15 - 42 mm
Insulation thickness 13, 19 and 25 mm
Length 2 meter

Available as a closed hose (AEROPRO)

AEROFLEX® AEROFIX - Pipe supports

Pipe diameters 10 - 219 mm
Insulation thickness 13, 19, 25, 32, 38 and 50 mm

Available per item

AEROFLEX® - Accessories

In addition to the insulation material, Aeroflex also has an extensive range of accessories for mounting or protecting the material. By making use of the tape, glue, fibreglass cloth, etc., you can be assured that the Aeroflex insulation material will do itself justice.