Aeroflex® insulation material is EPDM-based and has a closed cell structure. The material is primarily designed for insulating pipes, air ducts, tanks and cold surfaces, but it's also perfect for many other purposes. Aeroflex has excellent insulation properties and is very durable.


AEROFLEX® KKS - sheets/sheet reel

AEROFLEX® KKS - sheets/sheet reel

Insulation thickness 3 - 50 mm
Dimensions 0,5 x 2 m I 1 x 2 m I reels 1 m width

Available as sheet (KKS MS) or as a sheet on a reel (KKS MSR). Both are also available with self-sealing tape (KKS MS SA/KKS MSR SA)

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Technische documentatie
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Aeroflex® insulation material is available in three qualities: KKS, HF and Aeropro. The quality you choose depends on the application. KKS, HF and Aeropro are manufactured on the basis of EPDM, but HF quality is halogen-free and Aeropro is provided with a strong, weather-resistant, polyester covering, making it extremely suitable for outdoor use.

The insulation material is available as a hose with a fixed length of 2 metres, hose on roll, plate or plate on roll, regardless of self sealing. You can easily search the options you have in this area in the three different qualities (KKS, HF and Aeropro) or in the "materials" menu.

For clamping pipes and to prevent condensation, Aeroflex® has the Aerofix pipe supports made of polyurethane. These are equipped with a vibration-damping foam adhesive tape on the inside and self-sealing Protape on the outside.For insulating bends and pipe branches, the Aerofit bends and T-pieces can be applied, which results in considerable cost savings due reduced installation times. In addition, Aeroflex® has an extensive range of tapes, fibreglass cloth, glue etc. for processing the Aeroflex® insulation material.


Product range and application

AEROFLEX® insulation material with closed cell structure is primarily designed for the insulation of pipes for cooling and heating, but is also perfect for many other purposes. The lightweight and flexible synthetic rubber has excellent insulation properties. AEROFLEX® insulation material is available in sheets and hoses with a thickness of 6 mm to 50 mm.